handcrafted food brands

We'll help you design and develop unique products that you'll be proud to put your company's name on.

features & benefits:
1 Dedicated R&D-Within our fully stocked test kitchen facilities, the R&D team uses the latest food and industry data to create innovative products that appeal to your customers.
2 Versatile Manufacturing - Our production lines allow for flexible manufacturing of a wide range of products, which means getting your product to market quickly and efficiently.
3 Packaging Options - Plastic overwrap, cartons, craft paper, and more. Our team will make sure your product arrives to customers packaged exactly as desired.
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64% of Gen Z consumers say they buy private label brands "always/frequently." PLMA 2023 Gen Z Loves Store Brands: America's Youngest Consumers Speak Out on Grocery Shopping, Stores and Brands Report

Program Details

For qualified partners, we dig into our catalog of over 1,000 menu items and work with you to assemble products you will be proud to put your brand on. We help specify the products you want to private label, determine packaging options, produce the products to meet your expectations, and finally get them into distribution. Get your brand into the market quickly and confidently.

" “Our overall experience has been great. They have quality products, service, and training.”
Chad Duster, Pricebook Coordinator/Vendor Relations Rainbo Oil Company

Our Facilities

We have over 240,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehousing space, split between three locations, including dry, refrigerated and frozen holding space. We’re constantly striving to make our facilities as safe and efficient as possible.


  • Pizza Dough & Crusts - Handcrafted doughs and pre-sheeted crusts to fit any application
  • Sauces - Rich, blended sauces made with the finest herbs and spices
  • High-Quality Ingredients - Premium meats, vegetables, and cheeses
  • Pre-Topped Pizza - Customizable, frozen pre-topped pizzas made with 100% real cheese
  • Sandwiches - Unique carriers and flavorful proteins to create on-trend products


Both of our plants are SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level II certified, operating under both USDA and FDA guidelines. We are also GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified, meaning we are constantly finding ways to reduce food safety risks.

How It Works

We'll help you transform your food operations in only five steps.

Step 1: Schedule a 1-on-1 Consultation

Regardless of how you connect with us, you’ll be put in contact with the Business Development Manager (BDM), who will perform a needs assessment and discuss possible solutions with you.

Step 2: Select Your solution and Apply

Choose the solution that fits your business best. Your BDM will process your application and determine if your location fits within a delivery route.

Step 3: Order Equipment and Develop Your Menu

You’ll connect with the Project Manager (PM) and Business Consultant (BC) for your area, who will help configure your layout, determine needed equipment, and help develop your menu.

Step 4: Set Up, Train Staff, and Begin Marketing

Once your program is created, your BC ensures you’re set up properly with all legalities in mind. Our expert training team will train your staff within 3-10 days and we’ll provide some amazing marketing materials to outfit your store.

Step 5: Start Selling and Generate Profits

You’ve made it to the launch! You are trained, equipped, supported, and ready to prepare and sell some delicious food. We’ll help you put on an engaging grand opening to get some buzz going in your community.

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